Introducing maintenance reminders: Get notified when it's time to change your air filter, your smoke detector needs a new battery, and more...

Next-gen personal home inventory

Ever been stuck at the grocery store wondering what you need? Smartlist helps you organize your home's items, rooms, lists, and more.

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In a nutshell

Smartlist helps you...

Track and manage your home inventory

Keep track of what you have and need to buy.

Recieve maintenance reminders for your home

Store notes and reminders for your home, such as when to change an air filter.

Search your home

Quickly find items in your home by searching for them by name or category

Invite others to your home

Sync your home with up to 5 people.

Access on any device

Access your home from your phone, tablet, computer, or with our web app

Make a positive impact

We'll occassionally send you updates on how to make your home tidier and more eco-friendly

Frequently asked questions

Smartlist is 100% free, forever. No hidden fees, no ads, or credit card required!